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Crossing out items from the bucket list. (personal and group list)

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Been a while, so here’s an update:
Mark, me and some of our friends got a chalet at blue mountain for the whole weekend (March 4-6) and we are going to learn how to snowboard! Well, Mark’s been going the past few weeks already and I could be wrong, but I believe that’s him with the yellow jacket grinding. I COULD BE WRONG. Just saying.
#106 learn how to snowboard

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I was incredibly sick over the weekend (caught the flu) and I did nothing but stay inside my room for almost 3 days. Saw a whole bunch of movies, listen to music and most of all, I crossed off something on my list…I can now solve the RUBIK’S CUBE!
#103 Solve the Rubik’s Cube
Permalink #4 climb the CN tower

So while we wait for lights (if you haven’t, reblogged, tweet, FB, etc. Pls do so.) to respond to our request, we are off to cross out an item on the list on October 23rd. We will climb approximately 1700 steps. Its also for a great cause!

Wish us luck. 

Thank you to all those who helped us reach our goal for the United Way fundraiser. We really appreciate your support.
Permalink An attempt was already made for this one. Unfortunately, no dice. So, here we are again, going the extra mile for another attempt to make this happen and ask LIGHTS to take part.

Help us cross out: #10 have a laser tag match with LIGHTS
We are going to need your help. To all our followers and any guest viewers of this page, we kindly request that you reblog this retweet or in any sort of way forward this to be seen, it will be greatly and awesomely appreciated by us.
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To fellow neighbour of Toronto, Canada…watch out for this flyer on October 2nd, 2010 during Nuit Blanche (or an alternate one).

LIGHTS, will you have a laser tag match with us?
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After 3 years of wanting to write my motorcycle license test, I finally did it today. This was actually one of the first things that popped in my head as I was writing down my personal bucket list. Literally skimmed through the handbook for like an hour or so. I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous waiting for the test results. I wasn’t too confident with some of my answers, but I ended up passing it. According to the results, one more wrong and I would’ve had to re-write the test. *phew*
Congrats to my friend Mark, he passed his test yesterday. I was suppose to write it with him, but I got called in to work. Thanks for potential Q & A help.
Cruisin’ time.